Connors Quest



Receiving the awards at the ICT Expo.

Receiving award with Adam Elliot, Academy Award winner for his animated short "Harvey Krumpet".

About Connor's Quest

Connor's Quest is Mill Park Secondary College's first game entry to the Young Australasian Game Awards Competition.

Competition Details:


Competition 2013 Theme: Future Dreaming

Students are invited to rise to the challenge and write a game that teaches the concepts of the future or future realities. The word 'Dreaming' can be an interpretation of the Indigenous Australian story telling.


The Game

Download Connors_Quest.exe for actual game.

Download Connors_Quest.gmk for source code.

Download Game Documentation for YAGA entry requirements

Loading instructions

Run the Connors_Quest.exe file and follow the instructions.

Note: Connors Quest is designed to work on a PC running Windows.


Game overview

The game starts with a kid (Connor) in the park about to put his litter in the bin when the wind blows it away into the nearby bushes. Connor goes after it and discovers hidden in the bushes a time machine.

Connor wants to go into the future, dreaming about futuristic buildings, robots, flying cars and lasers. But instead arrives to a completely abandoned environment -  a ruined civilisation.
Once he explores around a bit he finds a little solar powered robot called Blippy who acts as a guide of sorts. Connor finds out that everyone pretty much died off from some great world war over energy sources. Connor becomes scared and wants to go home so he tries the time machine but realises it won't work unless it is powered by four special power sources (wind, solar, hydro and thermal).

However, there is a problem.  He has to go explore four dangerous environments (windy forestland, sunny desert, water ice land and lava mountains) to repair a sustainable energy generator (windmill, solar panel, hydro water wheel generator and steam generator). Once repaired, the generator will unlock a seal revealing a special power source he needs.

Each environment requires solving puzzles which when solved, gives him one of four parts for each generator. So he needs to collect all four (eg; wind generator needs four blades), then go to the generator and the generator will release the power source.

Once he has all four power sources, he can return to the time machine and power it up.

Eventually Connor makes it home after becoming all eco-conscious, and vowing that the future he saw will not happen, starts his own company inventing advanced sustainable energy technology he learnt from his future experience – and giving his designs to the world for free.

50 years later, in a nice clean future because of the positive changes he has made to the world with his inventions, he accidently stumbles upon the time machine once again as an adult and as he enters it, the game cuts there leaving an element of mystery so people playing the game can imagine (future dream) what he might see this time.

Game screen 1Comic book style story telling

Game screen 2World Map

Game screen 3Wind Realm

Game screen 4Solar Realm

Game screen 5Hydro Realm

Game screen 6Thermal Realm


Behind the scenes video


Game Details

Team Name:
Team Batman

Team Leader:
Reegan Quick

School's Name:
Mill Park Secondary College

Supervising Teacher:
Mr. James Lee

Future dreaming

Name of Game:
Connor’s Quest

Language Chosen:
Game Maker 8.0

All graphics and music are original.


Team Batman Logo

Team Batman
Game Development Team

Team Leader: Reegan Quick

Supervising Teacher: Mr. James Lee

Reegan Quick

Ryan Lawrence
Chris Massa
Andre Pilakis
Reegan Quick

 Graphic Designers
Zachary Bowen
Gwenda Chan
Jaspreet Kaur
Mathusha Paramanantham
Rebecca Torcasio
Nicole Torrington

Sound & Music
Brandon Reid

Team Batman Photo


Blippy says, "Click me to go back to top"

Psst! Did you find the hidden Bible quote Easter Egg? Look at the date Connor travels to..